Supernova 2018gj in NCG 6217

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Supernova 2018gj in NCG 6217

Post by rwilkinson » Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:20 pm

Last week I read about the discovery (by an amateur enthusuast in Utah) of a supernova in the galaxy NGC 6217 in Ursa Minor.

Our weather hasn't given any opportunity to look for it from home, but I did get an image from the Open University's COAST robotic telescope on Tenerife.
Now I've found an image of the same area from the Digitised Sky Survey, taken with the 48" Schmidt telescope at Mount Palomar in 1955. So I've been able to make a blinked version of the two images:
Blink comparison of the 1955 and 2018 images.
My recent image is a stack of 3x 150-sec with a 14" SCT, whereas the Palomar one was a single 5-minute exposure (on a glass plate!).
sn2018gj.gif (239.83 KiB) Viewed 4540 times
Now if you look very carefully, as well as the new Supernova (just to the right of the galaxy), you may also be able to detect the proper motions of a few of the stars in the 63-year interval between the images!

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