Watch out for equipment stolen from Todmorden

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Watch out for equipment stolen from Todmorden

Post by rwilkinson » Tue May 01, 2012 4:23 pm

Just received via email:
There has been a break in at the Astronomy Centre Todmorden
Unfortunately a lot of kit has been stolen. A full inventory will follow.
This is a public outreach facility and is Peter Drew's life work. This is a
big blow for the club.
Please be on the lookout for new ads for Coronado scopes and Solar scopes
that have been modified. Large refracting binoculars and large reflecting
binoculars in particular. Please pass the word and inform the police and
the Astronomy Centre if you have your suspicions.
If you can help by putting up warnings on any of the Astronomy forums, that
will be appreciated.
Thank you,
David Dench
So far, the list comprises:-
Unique 6" F8 refracting Binocular telescope
Unique 6" F8 reflectng binocular telescope
12" Meade LX200 OTA
6" F8 black Helios refractor modded Ha scope
6" F8 blue Skywatcher refractor
3 Coronado PST bodies
2 black EQ6 mounts
1 white EQ6 Pro mount

Clearly there will be other genuine similar articles for sale, but please check carefully the provenance of such items. If you have the slightest doubt, then you should refer this to the police.

many thanks
John Axtell FRAS
Membership Secretary
Federation of Astronomical Societies

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