Custom foam inserts

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Custom foam inserts

Post by rwilkinson » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:00 am

We recently received this via email:
Early last year, I needed replacement foam for my telescope accessory case and, having already had a set of pre-perforated foam disintegrate, I sought a more durable, bespoke solution. Where I could cajole UK companies into quoting on a single production unit, they cited £500 for what I would classify as a medium sized case. In the US, it was possible to buy at about £100 but in a cheaper, high density polyurethane foam.

For this reason I have started a small business, Bespoke Foam Designs, aiming to serve UK customers, without the overhead of US shipping and customs clearance etc. If your members might be interested in this service, I would be grateful if you would reference my website,, as a basis for comparison with any other potential sources they identify.

I am CNC routing Zotefoam’s MP33 polyethylene foam, which is a little firmer than the high density polyurethane foams that I have encountered, and, as a closed-cell foam, will not soak up condensation. I can achieve a maximum pocket depth of 165mm (6½”) and, depending upon the required pocket depths, would normally be restricted to working with foam up to 200mm thick.

I do not come from a technical drawing background and I am happy to interpret component and layout details whether communicated in tabular or diagrammatic form. I presented my details to a company in the states as a 2D case surface view, with depth annotations. The component and case dimensions obviously need to be provided but layout principles can be expressed in more general terms e.g. for even spacing.

Many thanks for your time and attention.
Best regards,
Chris Cox


Re: Custom foam inserts

Post by cmcdougall » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:37 am

I got a quote but thought it rather expensive. It would cost about £100 to provide the foam for one average sized case (I have a case) can buy an adequate case with foam from Maplin for £30 or so. OK, you have to cut some foam yourself, but are a few aesthetically pleasing holes worth £70?

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