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Is it real?

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 7:47 pm
by DRatledge
When running through the processing of the Cocoon Galaxy (NGC4490) recently I noticed a faint blob at its left (east) end – I've indicated it with red lines. Is this really there or is it as a result of next door’s outside light? With very faint objects it is often very difficult to decide what is from Lancashire and what is from deep space.

There has been the case of where faint streamers outside another galaxy were recorded as real but recently (professional) imagers have suggested otherwise. This is still in dispute.

So time to check out the internet and see what other imagers have recorded. In cases like this I tend to consult either Adam Block’s or Robert Gendler’s images and see what is really there. In this case it is real – it is not from next door! But that doesn’t answer the question quite what it is.