CCD Astronomy – the End of an Era?

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CCD Astronomy – the End of an Era?

Post by DRatledge » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:20 pm

It looks like we are coming to the end of CCD astronomy – well at least for us amateurs. Sony have signalled they have stopped developing CCD imaging chips and now On Semi (formerly Kodak) have just announced they are terminating production. This includes the popular KAF range of sensors found in nearly all serious amateur CCD cameras.

Presumably it is just not economic to produce CCD chips as the volume is simply not there – let’s face it we are a minority interest. CMOS chips have taken over the consumer market and they are so much cheaper to produce. But for our interest with long exposures of very faint objects they do not perform as well as CCD chips - CCDs are supreme.

So if you always promised yourself a CCD camera one day then there isn’t much time left to snap one up. Camera manufactures will stock up so in the short term CCD cameras will be around for a few more years but don’t leave it too long. As they say, when they are gone, they are gone. Where did I leave my film camera?

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