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Facebook page

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:26 pm
by AWalmsley
So, back at the committee meeting, I mentioned that I would like to make more use of our Facebook page. I discovered that there are actually 2 pages for us : Donna Ramsdale's page which seems to be used only by Dave and Bill and an empty page that appears to have been set up automatically, presumably based upon some directory listing somewhere.

I claimed this empty page for us and set up some sample details/images. I also added an account so it is accessible by

The existing page seems a little odd to me with pictures of a dog, a dalek and someone on a motorbike. It seems to be mostly liked by people who like Donna rather than the society. It also seems to be a group rather than a page which looks to be a different thing.

Here are a couple of examples of the sort of thing I am aiming for : and

What are your thoughts about changing over and using the new page and deleting the old page? What I want is a big relevant picture at the top, a map and an events diary. I can obviously add extra admins to the new page to allow other people to create entries.

Please leave comments/ suggestions.



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Re: Facebook page

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:21 pm
by dean_kos
Hmm, I love the astrocanvas one .... :)
I think it's wise to set up a new one myself so you can keep it up to date ....

Re: Facebook page

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:06 pm
by rwilkinson
Antony, I don't think that the poll system works on this BB (and we couldn't fix it the last time we tried), but I'm definitely in favour of your new page - relevant and up-to-date.