Hi from Mick

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Hi from Mick

Post by MRobson » Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:42 pm

Hi all, I joined last Jan after my 8yr old twins got me interested through school. Just thought I'd pop along and was amazed by how welcoming everyone was. I must admit that seeing Dean and Andys setup really lit the touchpaper in me. I couldn't believe what was capable with such a simple setup....lol. Seriously I was impressed. Since then Ive been nagging my wife constantly for bits of this and that. Really want to get into the Astrophotography side (luckily I'm quite patient), as it can be frustrating at times.

Lived in Sunderland for 20 yrs so I'm used to the cold which comes in handy, but now living in Preston. Only a 15 min drive to Ladywell.

Anyways Ive joined up for another year. I'll try to get more involved this year as really thats the only way society's can keep going!



Re: Hi from Mick

Post by Amartin » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:49 am

Hi Mick & youre welcome - I can remember being in exactly your shoes, so dont worry.
As Dean & I say to all new members - there is no shortcut in this game, no magical piece of kit that will bring everything together for you.
It all has to be done with time, practice, patience & learning from your own & the mistakes of others.
Hopefully, by listening to the right people, you can avoid the pitfalls that most of us have fell into which should minimise the time to getting good results.

If you have any questions, pop over & have a chat.

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Re: Hi from Mick

Post by rwilkinson » Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:06 pm

Jolly good Mick. I'm glad that you're enjoying the Society. We have quite a few members starting out in astro-photography, so there will be plenty of experience to learn from.
I woudn't say that the kit used is necessarily "simple" - more like "carefully chosen" - but you're right that a lot of patience and trial-and-error is needed.

And you'll probably find that we get even fewer clear nights here that you would in Sunderland!

Regards from Ross.

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