The Society caters for many different aspects of astronomy throughout the year, including:-

We have also held outreach events at the following locations:
And as a group we regularly attend the Equinox Star Camp in Norfolk.

Most talks are given by our own Members, but we also host distinguished guests such as The Sky At Night's Dr. Chris North in 2013, Jodrell Bank's Prof. Ian Morison (who gave a brilliant talk on "Proving Einstein Right") in 2012 and Prof. Colin Pillinger who visited in 2008.

In addition to our regular programme of Tuesday evening meetings, Society members can also take part in our group workshops which are hosted by our more experienced members.

And as a fully paid-up BAS member you will receive access to our Forums, Members Area and Gallery where you can ask questions freely and publish your latest astro-images for the public to see.
But most of all, we like to observe and image the skies from our home observatories.
The chart below forecasts the local weather and sky conditions for the next few nights:

And even when the clouds do roll in, our Members do their best to entertain, educate and go the extra mile (or 1500ft above sea-level) for that spectacular view, as a dedicated few did (at dawn!) during the Venus transit of June 2012.

Happily they all returned safely from the Winter Hill expedition that misty morning, however one Member was nearly sacrificed when food rations ran out!

Last updated 1st-Oct-2013